An original idea for who offers and touching for who receives

Marin a10 emotions is a new way to
offer a Holiday in a smart gift box.

An original gift for a birthday, Valentine’s day, to celebrate a diploma, a wedding, an anniversay, a religious or non religious feast, Christmas…

This gift is a voucher ( with a code number, valid one year form purchase date ) for two persons valid any week or week end all year round according to hotel availability.

A concentrate of emotions, for you only, to give time and space to your passions without limit or compromise. You can choose between three gift boxes : Gourmet, Romantic and Beauty and Wellness.

Three choices to experience an unforgettable stay according to what you love : looking for local flavours, art and history, or being pampered with nice smelling massage or water massage and steam baths

If you receive a Marina 10 Emozioni gift, you have a year to spend it for your holiday.
If you choose to offer this gift
you will have NO STRESS because :
- No Stress - this gift is original
- No Stress - a trip is the most desired gift but rarely   offered;
- No Stress - there’s a choice between three different   stays   
If you receive this gift you have just to contact our hotel and choose the date of your journey.
 Do you want to offer Marina 10 Emozioni?
 >>If you want to know         how it works :
 >>to choose the gift
  Call 081 900516 or email emozioni@marina10.it