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Isle of Ischia

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Island of Ischia, Italy

Aprile 2019

Walking along the Paths

Aprile 26 - Maggio 1
Isle of Ischia Island of Ischia, Italy + Google Maps

Nature and traditions, environment and gastronomy: the important elements for the islands of Ischia, in the wake of a steady growth – in the numbers – tourism, environment and culture. “Andar per sentieri”, the event that offers hiking and trekking routes through the most interesting paths of the island, with charming windows on geology, biology and anthropology. An effective way to discover the varied hinterland of Ischia, breathing in deeply its vibrant beauty and feeding off of its millenary history,

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Luglio 2019

The feast of St. Anne

Luglio 24 - Luglio 26
Isle of Ischia Island of Ischia, Italy + Google Maps

The appointment is the public holiday of July 26, has undergone various names and definitions: Festival a maritime, the Feast of St. Anne, Festival of decorated boats, Festival of the Sea, Party at sea to the rocks of Sant'anna, boat Parade of allegorical Festival to the Sant'anna rocks and, recently, even the Carnival aquatic half-summer fashion show on the waves, a Festival modelled on the Viareggio Carnival, Parade of decorated boats in the mask. The definition of Party in the

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Settembre 2019

Visiting Wineries

Settembre 14 - Settembre 22
Isle of Ischia Island of Ischia, Italy + Google Maps

Already the official dates for the twelfth edition of the event organized by Pro Loco Panza d'ischia The formula will be established, with even greater attention to the traditions and typicality of the island of Ischia. But the main protagonist will once again be, of course, the wine, through his thousands of stories, the areas planted with vines, and, above all, the thousands of wineries that dot the island. Back, from Saturday 14 to Sunday 22 September, “visiting Wineries”, the

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