Art & Design

Natural materials: Wood, glass, stone, and minimal lines for the hotel Marina 10

We bring forth a constant search to create a hotel with solutions on the drawing that alternate with pieces of design, specially made by artisans. Unique pieces!
Designers, architects, and designers out of the chorus that are fun to create chairs in solid wood, the tables round or square with long or short legs, chest of drawers Frattini in coconut and frattano, lamps with precise lines made with the base in natural wood, wardrobe with minimal lines, attention to design and great functionality.
The mosaics in the corridors, in the SPA, as well as in the bathrooms have been expertly joined and worked by craftsmen of the place.
Each product is the result of a creative journey: a perfume that is tangible proof of the passion for the pursuit of beauty and functionality to ensure a great Hospitality.